The Mission Matters

Our Mission is to get the results our partner legal firms need to grow their practice to the next level. Internally optimizing mass tort lead generation systems and delivery.

About Tort Group

Tort Group is a specialized high-impact digital marketing agency that works with law firms who want highly qualified mass tort leads with the best ROAS (return on ad spend).

Ultimately enabling them to grow and re-focus on their clientele while leaving the case acquisition to us.

Matching the firms we partner with, we are committed to only hiring staff of a high-caliber and with legal digital marketing experience / results. 

Why We Are Different

We Know Digital Strategy - 8 Years of Collaboration

We know that there is a big difference between the quality of leads from one agency to another. That is why Tort Group exists to bring only the best and most targeted leads.

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Ad Creativity - The "Speaking To Me" Effect

Advertising online is crowded and competition for attention is cut-throat. When you team up with Tort Group, we work together to craft the perfect message that stands out.

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Lead Case Management - Rapidly Qualify & Deliver

When your prospective claimants are searching for answers there is a small window of opportunity to be their solution. Our vetting & delivery system handles everything for you.

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Your Growth = Our Growth

No long-term contracts means that we look to partner with firms for the long run. We come to the table every month looking to earn your business and that is reflected in our pricing.

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