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Delivering Highly Qualified Mass Tort Leads & Cases To Law Firms Nationwide

How Can We Help Your Firm?

Mass Tort Lead Generation Partner that is Data Driven with Proven Results

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What You Can Expect From Us

Who is TortGroup?

TortGroup is the result of years of collaboration with some of the nations top law firms and our passionate mission to provide unmatched mass tort case lead generation services that go far beyond what our competitors are able to provide.

Our approach has always been to jump into the trenches with our partners to understand your needs and build out high-impact digital campaigns.  Our revolutionary structure is built on efficiency, data aggregation, analysis, technology, and transparency.

Local & Nationwide Marketing

Advertise Anywhere You Want Leads

No matter where your offices are located or where your next claimant lives, we have you covered. 

We are experts in both localized and national legal marketing for mass tort case leads. No firm is too big or small to work with us. 

We partner with you to get the results your practice needs to achieve the next level of growth without losing focus on what really matters to you, your clients.